Bibliography & Ilistrations for assignments and course work


Assignment 2: Painting with light

Figure 1. Holbein the ambassadors (1533) [painting] The anamorphic skull,  (accessed April 5th 2016)

Figure 2. Holbein the ambassadors (1533) [painting] (accessed April 5 2016)

Figure 3. Tomoko bathed by her mother, Smith E. Japan (1971) [photograph] (accessed April 5th 2016)


Assignment 3 A staged photograph

Figure 1. Certain words must be said,  Michals D. (1987) [photograph] words must be  1987 (accessed June 2015)

Figure 2. If you don’t control your mind someone else will, Kruger, B. (date not known) [photograph] (accessed April 5 2016)

Figure 3.  Fiesta of San Juan,Nicolas, M. (1950) [photograph]   (accessed April 5 2016)

Morris, G.J. (date unknown) ‘This may well be the first environmental pollution photojournalism’

Part 3: Quoted text in Exercise 3.5 Photo from a text: Kumar, S. (1995) Parabola, The stranger Vol. 20 no.2 [online at]:  (accessed April 5 2016)


Assignment 4: Experimentations in still life

Figure 1. Iolanda,Philip lorca Di corcia, (2011) [photograph] At:  (accessed April 5 2016)

Figure 2. (unknown title), Dicorcia, L. P. (year unknown)

Figure 3. Part 4: project 1 Fragments: Picasso, P. weeping women (1973) [photo of painting found at]:  (accessed June 2015)

Figure 4. Exercise 4.7 Juxtaposition: Adolf, the Superman, Swallows Gold and Spouts Tin,  Heartfield, J. (1932) [Online photo found at]:  (accessed April 2016)


Assignment 5: Exhibition concept 

Figure 1:Car driver with mobile, San fransisco appeal, [photo in article found at]:   (accessed Jan. 2016)

Figure 2.(2013) Girls with mobiles, Business insider [found at]:  (accessed Jan.2016)

Figure 3. Stern, G. [photograph of image]: IVAM, Valencia. (obtained Jan. 2016)

Figure 4. photograph from Chile, Onion Magazine cover from issue 45-45, Pisarenko, N. May 2, 2009; Associated Press. [Online at]:  (accessed Jan. 2016)

Figure 5.Exercise 5.6: Photography re-made: Shibusawa, 2001; Coles, 2006; McGoldrick, Giordano, & Garcia-Preto, 2005; Facts and Details, 2009
[photo from web found at]:  (accessed April 2016)

Campbell, D. (2010) Photography and narrative, what is involved in telling a story? (2010) [online at]: (accessed Jan 2016)

Chang, C.C. G, (1962) Hundred thousand songs of Milarepa Vol. 1. Shambala

Hariman, (2010) when things speak louder than faces,No caption needed,[online at] : (re-accessed April 5 2016)

Hacking, J. Photography the whole story: beatrice (2012:126), (Thames and hudson)

Loy, D. (2003:60) Great Awakening, Buddhist social theory, Somerville M.A.,wisdom publications.

Polanyi, K. (1944:page unknown) The great transformation, Farrar & Rinehart

Simons, T. (2011) beyond photography (A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I – XVIII), [interview face-to-face at]:  (accessed Jan. 2016)



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