Learning evaluation: Foundation in photography

Learning evaluation – Foundation in photography My first words ought to be something like…what a ride…! passing through a year of study projects, assignments and an intensive learning curve. I will be more systematic however, in my approach to this. Firstly I found the context for study, first class and extremely supportive. The tutor feedback has been excellent and the structure of the course studies … Continue reading Learning evaluation: Foundation in photography

Bibliography & Ilistrations for assignments and course work

BIBLIOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATIONS FP 1-5 Assignment 2: Painting with light Figure 1. Holbein the ambassadors (1533)http://www.dodedans.com/Eholbein-ambassador.htm [painting] The anamorphic skull,  (accessed April 5th 2016) Figure 2. Holbein the ambassadors (1533) [painting] http://silverandexact.com/2012/05/18/the-ambassadors-hans-holbein-the-younger-1533/ (accessed April 5 2016) Figure 3. Tomoko bathed by her mother, Smith E. Japan (1971) [photograph] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomoko_Uemura_in_Her_Bath (accessed April 5th 2016)   Assignment 3 A staged photograph Figure 1. Certain words must be said,  Michals D. (1987) [photograph] http://collection.fraclorraine.org/collection/print/409?lang=encertain words … Continue reading Bibliography & Ilistrations for assignments and course work

Analysis of Image: Constructing the exotic

Visual analysis of Michael Buhler-rose photo from constructing the exotic In this photo the gestures are warm and amiable. There is an air of friendship between the women. In the foreground they are engaged in conversation, attentive to one another. In the background looking towards the camera. The gestures of the women are all casual. They express a free time and leisure. They are secure … Continue reading Analysis of Image: Constructing the exotic

Picture Analysis: Oklahoma bridge

Picture analysis: Oklahoma bridge. Picture analysis Red bridge, Okawa. Analysis made the 24th March 2015. 1.Visual description of the image: Red angular structure, walk way going under the structure, misty forest, obscured forest by strong light, shadow falling one side of the bridge, strong light on the walkway. Red structure main visual feature. Firstly my attention gets taken to the higher and inner part of … Continue reading Picture Analysis: Oklahoma bridge

Research and analysis: Assignment 5

Research and analysis: Assignment 5 Theoretical and photo research for assignment. Bibliography and Illustrations: http://wp.me/p5YgoM-lL First of all I started out with some basic questions for the shooting that I wanted to do. How was I going to connect the sequence to make a story, How could I provoke interest in the viewer to think, what would the resolution look like in the series and does … Continue reading Research and analysis: Assignment 5

Laura Letinsky: Photo analysis

Laura Letinsky The visual elements of the photo include fruit, a spoon, seeds of cherries x3 and small dish with a slightly indistinguishable substance that looks like it could be jam, another smallish plate, a table top that is slanted and another slightly indistinguishable object in front of the fruit. The design is a clean off white look and the background could be paper or … Continue reading Laura Letinsky: Photo analysis

Research and Analysis: Assignment 4

Research and analysis: Assignment 4 Bibliography and Illustrations: http://wp.me/p5YgoM-lL In the following analysis and research I start off by exploring two photos from Philip lorca-di corcia. These images helped me to develop the exercise of emulating which was an element of part 4 of the course. The staring from the window influenced the final image that I produced for this exercise but also effected the way … Continue reading Research and Analysis: Assignment 4