Exercise 2.5: An identity kit

Exercise 2.5: Identity Kit In this exercise we needed to photography at least two people and then with the combination of images, make different identities out of those characteristics. I used four different faces, although, unfortunately the exposures and in one case the focal distance was someone different rendering the exercise a bit unbelievable in most cases. None the less, I added a few extra … Continue reading Exercise 2.5: An identity kit

Exercise 1.11 Capturing stillness and movement

Exercise 1.11: Stillness and movement In this exercise we are asked to take a series of images (avoiding the the cliche scenarios) that depict stillness and movement and with similar scenes or objects. I have included here two sets, that are somewhat related themes. One set is black and white because I considered that it worked best in black and white and the other is … Continue reading Exercise 1.11 Capturing stillness and movement

Exercise 1.4: Cropping images

Exercise 1.4 : Cropping The centre image is the original followed by two successive crops that I made from the same image; To the left a horizontal crop to highlight the main buildings in the frame and the one the right a vertical crop to highlight the buildings and reflection more strongly in a horizontal fashion. This has the effect of dramatizing more the scene. … Continue reading Exercise 1.4: Cropping images

Exercise 1.8 Bracketing exposure

Exercise 1.8 This exercise exemplifies the use of bracketing exposure. Here I have taken a series of five images at different exposures at -1 +1 -0 +2 -2 Using the blank wall allows me to see the tonal formation quite clearly in the difference of exposure. I personally use very little the bracketing exposure in auto mode and prefer to use it manually as and … Continue reading Exercise 1.8 Bracketing exposure