Project 2: Combining images, objects and concepts

Exercise 4.4 Patchwork This exercise consisted in the exploration of forms, textures,text (concetps) and colours within the photomontage display. The idea has been to see how ┬áthese different elements fit together to create a harmonious image that has impact on the view. Patchwork 1 – first cycle of images   Patchwork 2 – with the person installed at near and distant setting   The finished … Continue reading Project 2: Combining images, objects and concepts

Project 1:Exercise 4.2: Constructed imagery

Exercise 4.2:Constructed imagery-Objects and settings Here is this exercise we were required to bring to life a space utilising the space and the objects.For this exercise I set up, in fact transformed a substantial part of the upstairs of my house into a studio and now it remains as a studio space. The image I set up was a the one below. Working with the … Continue reading Project 1:Exercise 4.2: Constructed imagery

Project 1: Fragments:experimenting with still life

Project 1: Fragments Bibliography and Illustrations: Exercise 4.1 Fragments The remit for this exercise was to produce a number of exposures that had elements of shadow deep recess and then angular forms in order to them create a collage type image based on a 3D perspective. I chose to work this image out in paper with scissors. I wanted to have a more tactile experience … Continue reading Project 1: Fragments:experimenting with still life

Exercise 4.3. Assembly

Exercise 4.3 Assembly Here in this exercise we are called to produce a space that is then used to examine ‘visual effect’ through placing certain objects within the space. The exercise was an interesting lesson in how to utilise what is around in the immediate environment to create a scene. Below are the two comparative photos first of the space and then of the objects … Continue reading Exercise 4.3. Assembly

Exercise 4.7: Juxtoposition

Exercise 4.7 Juxtaposition In the juxtaposition exercise I used a variety of images from the same magazine and allowed the scene to unfold. It was an interesting exercise that allowed for a bit of play and re-interpretation. Firstly I looked for a good background and general scene and then I built up a sort of absurd situation within the photo. To see further notes on … Continue reading Exercise 4.7: Juxtoposition

Exercise 4.10 Film processing technique

Exercise 4.10 Processing technique – film look I was keen to learn and accomplish this technique as my background in photography before OCA involved learning analogue and dark room techniques. This exercise for me was evocative of that time when instead of digital I used dark room chemicals. Below is an image that I have chosen to include for the exercise. As this exercise was … Continue reading Exercise 4.10 Film processing technique