Exercise 2.4: The two dimensional plane

Exercise 2.4: The two dimensional plane

This image below works to highlight the different elements of the photo so as to distinguish the shapes, tones an distractions in the photo. The main figuers in the picture are the two men working. The heads and faces are the main focus points and then the 0 shapes metal piece is then next focal point. The tonal colours remain lighter towards the periphery of the image around the wall and the work bench and then become darker towards the centre with the men’s clothing and the shelves. Intersecting objects are those of the mens’ bodies obscure the back wall and the 0 shaped mental object obscures the man´s right side of his torso. The shirt that he wears, draws a certain amount of attention because of the stripped pattern.



This photo was extracted from the ‘people and activities’ exercise.

The main tonal areas are those of the table and the wall behind. The main coloured areas are those of the men and their clothes. The metal 0 provides one of the main focal points of the image and forms the mid-ground of the photo.

When I framed this image I took it with the intention of framing the heads of the figures in the upper third of the picture. Along with the mental 0 these make the main focal points.


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