Exercise 1.8 Bracketing exposure

Exercise 1.8 This exercise exemplifies the use of bracketing exposure. Here I have taken a series of five images at different exposures at -1 +1 -0 +2 -2 Using the blank wall allows me to see the tonal formation quite clearly in the difference of exposure. I personally use very little the bracketing exposure in auto mode and prefer to use it manually as and … Continue reading Exercise 1.8 Bracketing exposure

Exercise 1.3 Adjusting colour

Exercise 1.3: Adjusting colour Image 1: Changing colour balance In the below image I set the white balance to the car in the bottom right corner (white) and the colours warmed up slightly. Example 2: Photo which is too blue Example 2: Colour balance adjustment   The above image was taken with the wrong White balance setting instead of daylight it was set on tungsten. … Continue reading Exercise 1.3 Adjusting colour

Project 2: Combining images, objects and concepts

Exercise 4.4 Patchwork This exercise consisted in the exploration of forms, textures,text (concetps) and colours within the photomontage display. The idea has been to see how  these different elements fit together to create a harmonious image that has impact on the view. Patchwork 1 – first cycle of images   Patchwork 2 – with the person installed at near and distant setting   The finished … Continue reading Project 2: Combining images, objects and concepts

Project 2 excercise 5.5 : What is a flower?

Exercise 5.5 : What is a flower? Here in exercise 5.5 we were instructed to take photos of a flower whilst dismantling the subject photographing each stage along the way. I went to the street looking for connotations to the flower. At first I had trouble deciding what to photograph. Then gradually I started to see. What was interesting about this exercise is that I needed … Continue reading Project 2 excercise 5.5 : What is a flower?

Exercise 5.6: Photography re-made

Exercise 5.6: Photography re-made This is my image shot for the project. Below I give more details of the image chosen from the web and an analysis of that photo. In general the exercise illustrates the connectivity that in this case is between a family in Japan and a family in Europe.  These people below are my friends. My image shot for project   Other … Continue reading Exercise 5.6: Photography re-made

Project 4: Three techniques/ 2.10-2.11and 2.12

project 4:Three techniques In this section of the course we explore three distinctive post production techniques of photography-namely: Dodging and burning, split contrast and pixel painting. The most challenging of the three was that of Split contrasting as there is a large range of variation in the final outcome of the appearance of the photo. This for me was a bit disconcerting at first. Also, … Continue reading Project 4: Three techniques/ 2.10-2.11and 2.12