About me


I am a student with the Open College of Arts, studying the foundation level photography course. I am a long term photography student committed to the production of work that stimulates (hopefully) perhaps a new vision or at least some thought about the world we find ourselves in. The photo work that tends to inspire me is that of the genre of conceptual work that has a meaning that goes beyond the initial image to stimulate new ways of thinking or seeing. For me this is the inspiration behind photography. The impact and potential remains in the eye and perception of the photographer and the honesty and skill with which they can convey their vision. All forms and genres are interesting. There is so much to be done within each field.

Another area of interest of mine is that of the meditation. As a practicing meditator the scope for developing sensory awareness and perceptual awareness are key to human development. For me photography has links to this domain of life which has steered, inspired and given me a context for my life for the past twenty two years. I am 45 and feel I still have much to learn.

The arts have been a part of my life since I was in my early 20s. Again, the interest in meditation, Buddhism and a sense of a higher vision or purpose to man’s presence has inspired artists for millennia. As a photographer, I see myself somehow as a part of the tradition that has developed way before me and will continue long after me. I hope to contribute something to the field in time. For now my time lies with deepening practice skills and gaining knowledge. Thus, I call myself a student.

I am happy to study with the OCA. I have previously studied photography through an academy in Valencia, Spain. Here I did the first term of a two year course that focused on Analogue and digital. The only downside for me is that I have put down the budding interest in dark room development and the more artisan side of photography which I was just beginning to develop a love for. However, not such a loss as I see the OCA takes us way beyond the regular type of photography course and Im sure that we as photographers will be exposed to many a creative and innovative way to produce photography.




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