Exercise 2.5: An identity kit

Exercise 2.5: Identity Kit

In this exercise we needed to photography at least two people and then with the combination of images, make different identities out of those characteristics. I used four different faces, although, unfortunately the exposures and in one case the focal distance was someone different rendering the exercise a bit unbelievable in most cases. None the less, I added a few extra images just exploring the series of noses, foreheads, eyes and mouths. This repetition in itself as a curios effect on the mind.


The additional images that I played with, with respect to the exercise:

Ideas for development of the theme:

This exercise obviously changes enormously the interpretation of a face of a person. It makes the face seem unreal and yet real at the same time as the perception of features is registered by the brain in the regular order. One idea I have thought about is to make a collage out of elements of a face by cutting them out of printed portraits and then reassembling them onto a large sheet of polyboard. The finished item then could be assembled into a series of  portraits, each someone what emphasising the character of one of the main people being photographed each time.


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