Exercise 1.11 Capturing stillness and movement

Exercise 1.11: Stillness and movement

In this exercise we are asked to take a series of images (avoiding the the cliche scenarios) that depict stillness and movement and with similar scenes or objects. I have included here two sets, that are somewhat related themes. One set is black and white because I considered that it worked best in black and white and the other is colour. The aspect ratio of all images is square as it seemed most fitting for these particular images.

Below the two first images portray the movement of cars with the contrast of stillness in the frame with other objects. Whilst I see that these images do fit the remit for the exercises I would not say that they are the most creative images that one could produce. The following set are somewhat more interesting from my point of view.

Series 1 based around similar theme

Image set 2 based around a similar theme

The second set of images are more based around people. The first set more based around objects, cars and background contrast such as a mountain or road. In asking myself the question if these photos are chosen for their photogenic qualities or for the communication of the principle of stillness and movement, I would have to say that there is a mixture. Primarily the photos are trying to express the theme outlines. However, I was also conscious that I wanted to present images that had some aesthetic value.



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