Picture Analysis: Oklahoma bridge

Picture analysis: Oklahoma bridge.IMG_20160325_143543898

Picture analysis Red bridge, Okawa. Analysis made the 24th March 2015.

1.Visual description of the image: Red angular structure, walk way going under the structure, misty forest, obscured forest by strong light, shadow falling one side of the bridge, strong light on the walkway. Red structure main visual feature.

Firstly my attention gets taken to the higher and inner part of the red angular structure. Then secondly the walk through bridge. Then thirdly the mostly forest background.

2.The main subject is the angular red structure rising over the bridge like a canopy. It is angular and stark and somewhat out of keeping with the environment.
3.To me the image has a metaphorical tone. When the bridge moves under the angular structure (representing ordered every day existence) we move into a space that is less formal and structured and misty. It´s not clear where we are going and we see only the discernible outline of the trees and the hills. We are heading there but it is not clear what lies ahead exactly. This could be a metaphor for our lives. We often don’t see the fact that we are moving into the unknown. Our structures give us a false sense of security and we build our lives upon them unwittingly. When we get a close look at ourselves and our lives we see that we are sort of stabbing in the dark very often without a clear sense of direction of purpose beyond the mundane affairs of everyday life.

4.This image has angular light and vertical light casting a shadow to the right side of the bridge. One can discern the fainter vertical beams that are falling either side of the angular structure, almost like a mist. The light hitting the walk way sort of illuminates it and provides the viewer with an intense sense that they should be following this walk way to the end, to perceive its delights and mysteries. The atmosphere is one of quite tranquility that shows a portal into an unknown dimension. It is compelling and yet simply.

5. In note-book

6. The title is very descriptive. The author has given it a descriptive name calling it what it is. However, there seems to be some connotation of meaning beyond just the title. The red bridge may represent something in that culture unbeknown to westerners.

7. Done

8. What I am seeing and what I am describing are not quite the same thing. What I describe is what I see as an image, what I see is what I Intuit at a deeper level of meaning. In the photo there is a degree of personal interpretation taking place. This is based on what “chimes” with me personally or what significance I place into the image. There is some guess-work in the form of the image being slightly obscured at the background. What is recognised intuitively is the bridge being a metaphor for “crossing over” or going to another land or place, unknown or known. It represents something in me that wants to make the journey to the unknown, that the structured and seen world is a symbol for something that lies beyond it and only reflects some deeper truth.

9. My felt response to the image initially was intrigue. Not a powerful sense of wanting to know but an intrigue about the image. It has a pleasing setting with the mountains in the backdrop, a scene that for me is meaningful and evocative. It represents the journey inward, a need to move out of the comfort zone into some unknowing. I felt that it was an interesting image although not strongly striking. It has evoked curiosity. Questioning and curiosity have been evoked which has been a satisfying process.


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