Image analysis:Assignment 1

Analysis of Assignment 1: 

The overall result was from my point of view a very good first try at a photographic project in the OCA context (having formally studied photography elsewhere previously). I think that there were several elements that could have enhanced the work. Firstly, to have reduced the content of some of the frames. Especially in the photo of ‘Old values’. This image, also shows the main aspect, which is that of the church in the midst of an urban setting looses itself due to the bulk of information around this main element which is that of the church. It may have been better to have honed in more closely and penetrated the people playing with a ball outside the church, leaving the other details out.

In the third image, ‘abandonment of the old’ I think that I could have use the setting and dramatised it more as it was an opportunity to show a strong juxtaposition between the old and the new. As it stands, and as mentioned it is a fairly standard image of a building. What I was seeing with my mind’s eye as it were, did not get successfully relayed through the lens.

The first image also suffers from bulk overload of information

and it would have been good to of thought more about it. Although the setting is good and shows what I wanted to show I could have reinforced the impact by homing in on less detail. Looking at the image now I see that there are no real key focal points for the eye as the eye tends to wonder and quickly lose interest. Images 2, 4, 7 and 11 I would say are some of the more successful in the sequence as they have focal points that are clearer and a balanced composition that leads to eye to specific points. The points I think in the frame also match the theme of the sequence…abandonment of the old and the new arising. Image seven in particular has an impact because of the pregnant women in the midst of ruined buildings. Here I think I successfully managed to engage the theme within the photo, as it were.

The doubling of the theme (two groups of elders playing cards) does not serve the sequence and I think that I lost a chance here to build a stronger narrative. As mentioned in the feedback there are things to learn there. I could have eliminated one of those images without adding or loosing anything in the overall sequence.


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