Exhibitions and books

Exhibitions during 2015 & 2016

These exhibitions are some of the more relevant and interesting that I have seen during the past year. There were some other minor exhibitions but not so relevant in content.

Below an image photographed from a mobile at the exhibition in Valencia last year. The images she produced, somewhat within the surrealist genre struck me as being quite progressive for the time that they were produced. Grete Stern was part of a women’s movement and the exhibition that I was focused largely on the theme of womens’ roles (often stereotyped) and how men have an oppressive tendency towards women. Many of these images were explorations of just that.

Greta Stern at the IVAM modern Valencia


Dones (women) of Afghanistan. Whilst this exhibition did not greatly impact on me (on the whole a little boring) I found that it had some interest in featuring portraiture and some interest in depicting the faces of these women in an extreme social political climate.

Women of Afghanistan 2015

One of the more memorable exhibitions that I have seen in the past year is that of Gillian Wearing a british artist. Whilst her approach is multidisciplinary I find that her portraits of herself as members of her family in an exploration of identity, quite unique and interesting. Partly because you know that what you are looking it as the same person disguised as members of her family and yet they are so convincing. There is a kind of double take when one sees such images.


Gillian Wearing IVAM 2015

Michal Snow is not a well know artist photographer to me. There was one particular image in the exhibition that showed something of an odd juxtaposition of a man and woman copulating in a sort of perfect bedroom setting but with something missing that you would expect to find in such a scene. I was left with questions, firstly, what is he getting at? and then secondly, why did he produce this photo. What did he want to say. The image was large format displayed on perspex, if I am not mistaken.


Michal Snow, Barcelona 2015


Nicholas Muller was in Spain during and 30’s and 40’s documenting different events in a passage of changing time. Some of his images are very evocative and he has a keen eye for composition and the ‘decisive moment’. I was impressed by some of his work. Especially this image displayed on the front of the exhibition literature below. I have written about this in a photo analysis in assignment 3: Nicholas Muller, fiesta of San Juan. Social documentary photographer.

Nicholas Muller at the La Lonja, Zaragoza 2015


Books read over the course of the year:

Some of the texts below such as Michael Langfords book, are technical manuals that I have used to explore areas of photography as need be: They have not all been read cover to cover. However, many have.


The Practice of contemplative photography is for me an interesting item that goes against the grain to some extent of the traditional study of photography. It encouraged a more inter response to the object world and a development of perception. I am keen on this approach to photography as it fits in with my Buddhist practice.



Digital photography, a reasonable all round guide for photographers both amateur and pro. Not brilliant but sometimes useful.



Langford’s second volume on all matters of photography. Terse, detailed and highly experienced. A must for al serious practicing photographers.


A not very useful guide on photoshop 5.5


I read Spanish as I am a fluent Spanish speaker so this opens up the literature that exists in the spanish speaking world on photography to me. This is a book about the history and development of photography from inception to current times. Interesting and reliable source for study.


A serious set of interviews between well known photographers by photographers. All very good and stimulating food for reflection.




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