Project 2: Combining images, objects and concepts

Exercise 4.4 Patchwork

This exercise consisted in the exploration of forms, textures,text (concetps) and colours within the photomontage display. The idea has been to see how  these different elements fit together to create a harmonious image that has impact on the view.

Patchwork 1 – first cycle of images



Patchwork 2 – with the person installed at near and distant setting



The finished sequence feels quite different with the appearance of a person as opposed to a number of inanimate objects. This image has the feel more of something interactive as opposed to the more static feel of the previous one.

The series with a person near and far feels quite a bit different in the sense that there is now an interactive element with the person looking into the camera whereas with the first arrangement inanimate objects form the montage and there is less of a sense of life to the image.


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