Picture analysis: Zelt

Picture analysis – Zelt

ZELT Photo analysis

Roman singer uses a sequence of images that depict a man exiting and running from a tent. As we see in the image, the tent explodes as he is running. This introduces simultaneity into the image whereby something is happening as a cause of something else. The images from 3-6 are dynamic and invite a question as to why is this happening? I like this aspect of the work, it makes me question and look for the deeper motivations behind the artists intention. In and of itself it would be fairly benign to depict such thing.

I think that if the image angel would have changed with each shot the whole work would have been more difficult to take in as a whole. However, providing that there was commonality to the images whereby the viewer could clearly see that they are a series, maybe it would have worked to change a little the way that it was shot, such as: to have had a camera placed at the side and then have the figure seen from the side and then from the front in a split photo fashion. Later one could have photographed more closely the remains of the explosion as a final image.

The element that encapsulates the sequence for me is the final image although as mentioned earlier, I think that it could have been finalised more thoroughly by showing the remains of the explosion although may also change the interpretation of the sequence. The fire having gone and then just the smoke combined with the runner relaxing his sprint, bring a sense of finality to the sequence. This, combined with the first image of the tent, as yet still occupied, brings a finality to the piece as well.

The influences that led to this work could be to show cycle of events happening in succession and within a certain time frame i.e. the imperative of time to get out of a situation that is dangerous and the need to be quick on the feet. The influences might be also a loss of control of events. Something or anything could happen, unplanned. For sure the influences affect the way that we interpret this piece of art or any piece of work. If the influence and intention is understood then I think this leads to a potentially deeper reflection of ones own whereby things can be seen more clearly.



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