Project 2 excercise 5.5 : What is a flower?

Exercise 5.5 : What is a flower?

Here in exercise 5.5 we were instructed to take photos of a flower whilst dismantling the subject photographing each stage along the way.

I went to the street looking for connotations to the flower. At first I had trouble deciding what to photograph. Then gradually I started to see. What was interesting about this exercise is that I needed time to tune into seeing, or the perceptual situation of the image in order to be able to do something with the idea. This had not occurred to me before. That it takes time to see is interesting and shows that one needs to time to tune into the subject that you are going to photograph so that idea and object can begin to integrate.




Again once I printed out this set of photos the exercise took on a life that it did not have before. The bringing to life of something that before was not there through the act of printing made me realise that it is vital to print work. I am aiming to get a printer next year to be able to learn this process. As a photographer once said ” Not printing your photos is like reading a book half way then giving to someone else to finish”.

Some images taken from the exercise for the grid

I enjoyed the sense of playing with close up work. Not having a good long focal length or a decent macro I had to improvise with a attachment to my 50mm fixed lens. This very quickly went out of focus one way or the other and so the range of focus of macro value was quite tight.

In terms of the general idea of what connotations can be developed in a sequence or a photo I find very stimulating. To look for likeness in another object is symbolic of what we can be doing to deepen photographic technique and practice.

learning from this exercise.

Connotation = Undertone, overtone, undercurrent, implication, nuance, flavour, feeling, aura, atmoshophere, smack, hint, association, suggestion, suspicion, insinuation.

These are a few of the definitions of the word connotation. When I looked at things that reminded me of a flower and as the exercise suggested we needed to do that, I found an extraordinary number of images that came to mind and the streets seemed to be full of connotations.

In the photo sequence there are nine or ten images that are not flowers but as I saw it connotations of flowers. And then it was possible to see connotations within the connotations. In other words it seems to be a process without end as perhaps there are many things that remind us many things all of the time.

So the main learning in this exercise was to see the connections between one image or object and another (learn to see) and then to learn to associate these in the same image so that there is a play off of the main image and the associated image.

See below for some exploration on meaning of connotation in images.














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