Project 4: Three techniques/ 2.10-2.11and 2.12

project 4:Three techniques

In this section of the course we explore three distinctive post production techniques of photography-namely: Dodging and burning, split contrast and pixel painting.

The most challenging of the three was that of Split contrasting as there is a large range of variation in the final outcome of the appearance of the photo. This for me was a bit disconcerting at first. Also, getting to grips with layer masks etc took some familiarising. The dodge and burn method I have found really useful for a lot of re-touching of images that I have made over the year. This is something of a find from a photographic point of view.

Exercise 2.10 Dodging and burning

Below is the night portrait image that I used for for dodging and burning. To start with I converted the image to black and white. Then I  applied some darkening to the leg area and then some lighting to the face on the right side. At this stage I was not so confident with the technique so I kept my adjustments fairly basic.

The image I think works well as a night portrait. Generally I find that I am quite fond of the night or dark in images. Shadows that recede into darkness of figures that come out of the darkness for me stimulate my imagination. I think its important to leave something to the imagination within a photo. Something that is not tied up and explicit can be intriguing and draw that view further in.

Image with dodge and burn applied
Original image before dodge and burn










Exercise 2.11 Below a sample of split contrast. 


Exercise 2.12: Pixel painting

I chose here to work in a basic way within a black and white image below is the portrait that am using for the exercise and beneath are two extra examples of pixel painting.

IMG_5143 2

Colour change of eyes: Blue above and Green below
























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