Project 1:Exercise 4.2: Constructed imagery

Exercise 4.2:Constructed imagery-Objects and settings

Here is this exercise we were required to bring to life a space utilising the space and the objects.For this exercise I set up, in fact transformed a substantial part of the upstairs of my house into a studio and now it remains as a studio space. The image I set up was a the one below. Working with the idea of defying gravity I decided to explore just that.

Some of the pre-images that I used and the way that I set the space out are here below.

Pre-experimental assembly exercise (selection)

Lightroom (_MG_6945.dng and 7 others)

Main image (below) constructed for assembly exercise

This was fun and demanding to set up. I enjoyed once again using the space to create something a little ‘off the wall’ and this provided a chance to explore the ‘defying gravity’ field of studies. Nothing in the image is photoshop produced. I manually set the scene using fishing wire and then strategical placement of blocks to support the chair.

The lighting was only from a skylight about, which in a sense produced the king of light that I wanted anyway as part of the photo. I tried to harmonise the image as much as possible using some pointers from Lentisky’s work. Obviously its a simpler concept than her work, but still it gave some direction to produce this.


As for visual effect the image I think does stand out. I would say that it at least holds the attention of the viewer for a while whilst they might try to figure out how the set up was done. The chair floating in space is not an everyday scene and one that if we saw would run screaming to the street. With the lighting from above I think the image has a mildly ominous feel about it.



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