Project 1: Fragments:experimenting with still life

Project 1: Fragments

Bibliography and Illustrations:

Lightroom (_MG_6891.dng and 15 others)Exercise 4.1 Fragments

The remit for this exercise was to produce a number of exposures that had elements of shadow deep recess and then angular forms in order to them create a collage type image based on a 3D perspective. I chose to work this image out in paper with scissors. I wanted to have a more tactile experience of producing an image, away from the computer. It has quite a different physiological feel when you are pasting and cutting up bits of paper and forming shapes. One that I think I quite like. It reminds me of the time when I was learning analogue photography and had to develop prints in the darkroom. The first ever image that I developed was of a portrait of vagrant living on the streets. It was like giving birth to something fantastic!


Image by Pablo Picaso 1937. I used this as a source of inspiration for what I did below in terms of using a human face as the basis for the fragments image.

Picasso, Weeping Woman 1937.jpg
Figure.1, Weeping Woman: Picasso, P. (1937)

My image – Fragments

In the process of doing this image I took photos of various artefacts I had about the house. I used the light coming in through one window in the area that I use as a studio. I made several formations with the image and then finally settled on making a humanoid figure with the toilet rolls being a part of the face and head.

It’s a slightly surreal experience looking at this, but from a learning point of view I found it a valuable exercise to see how one can transmute and transform an image. That in a sense anything can happen with art, if there is enough imaginations. It was also useful to see what can be done with the photographic image.



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