Exercise 4.7: Juxtoposition

Exercise 4.7 Juxtaposition

In the juxtaposition exercise I used a variety of images from the same magazine and allowed the scene to unfold. It was an interesting exercise that allowed for a bit of play and re-interpretation. Firstly I looked for a good background and general scene and then I built up a sort of absurd situation within the photo.

To see further notes on this exercise see Assignment 4 notes in the log book section.

The scene has a plausible rhythm to it, although far fetched.


Image by John Heartfield


This is image strikes a particular cord for the fact that it is an historical figure and that probably the image has been adapted from some of hitler’s propaganda machinery to show a

John Heartfield_006
Figure 4. Adolf the superman, swallows gold and spouts tin,Heartfield,J.(1932)


juxtaposed view of the dictator. There is the gesture of defiance and then the interesting depiction of money and coins as the spinal column. What did Hearfield have in mind when he produced this image? Obviously a politically loaded image and one that would provoke various reactions depending where it was seen and who by.




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