Exercise 4.10 Film processing technique

Exercise 4.10 Processing technique – film look

I was keen to learn and accomplish this technique as my background in photography before OCA involved learning analogue and dark room techniques. This exercise for me was evocative of that time when instead of digital I used dark room chemicals.

Below is an image that I have chosen to include for the exercise.


As this exercise was to produce a film processing technique I used an image from Assignment 3: ‘A staged photograph’. This lends itself well to the process. Since doing this exercise I have frequently used this method to work other photos especially for assignment 5 which is currently underway. The movement from an overtly digital image to something more film like changes quite dramatically the interpretation of the image. It give it a more ‘raw’ appearance rather than the clean tidy view of a  sharp digital image. Also, I tend nowadays to add in grain to images as the final part of this processing technique.


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