Exercise 3.8: Re-photographing

Exercise 3.8 re-photographing: 1 Portrait

Below a shot taken of the subject as general portrait in outside lighting no flash used.


The subject re-photographed having somewhat adapted their own representation and then portrayed next to the original image of the person. I like these re-presentation idea very much. It has an interesting feel of juxtaposition and timelessness.

I asked Cany, my partner to manipulate the image.Whilst she did this I went and prepared for the shoot.



2. Still life

In the above still life I attempted to mingle the items of the photo within the picture so as to give a more three dimensional look to the work. The mixing of the real with the photographed as representation does have a curios effect on the mind. I placed the bottle again above the image of the bottle, in order to place with the effect of having the real and the photographed but placing the real in the photograph and having the cut out representation above the image as if it were the real bottle.


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