Exercise 3.5: Photograph from a text

Exercise 3.5: Photograph from text:

Bibliography and Illustrationshttp://wp.me/p5YgoM-lL

This sequence involves the text from a magazine by the author (Satish Kumar, 1995) The text I chose because I love the way it has a sense of mystery to it. It leaves itself open for a little interpretation and also has a dimension of letting go of being a certain way in the world which chimes with me.



The picture at the top has a girl looking pensively and then later a man in a similar mood but seated. The empty chair and then the crowd in the last two images are really the first two images but without the characters. This aims to portray a moving on, a letting go of the fixed idea of how to be in the world.

Once again, Duane Michals has been the inspiration for this cycle, more so than perhaps at any other point in the course so far. His black and white sequences often portrayed in a cinematic narrative, show very often a story from beginning to end by leaving questions for the viewer. I have appreciated also Barbara Kruger’s work in the way that she used slogans built around the images in order to engage the viewer in a questioning and reflective process.


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