Exercise 3.2: Series and sequence

Exercise 3.2: Series and sequence

Exercise 3.2 Series:

Below my partner does yoga and I document the process of the practice. The series was not done over several days, but never the less illustrates the point of doing an activity as a sequence of joint actions tied into one theme.


Series 2: Main series for exercise

This series of image was done during two breakfast session at home. I chose to present the figure as anonymous and to work close in so as to avoid background influence in the image. My tutor gave me the feedback that it might of been interesting to of depicted the series as more symbolic i.e. what does breakfast represent, rather than a literal depiction of someone making the food in a lineal process. I took this to heart. I note also that I had placed horizontal frames along with vertical frames on the same series. I can see that this does not blend so well and effects viewing up to a point. Generally my observation is that it is easier to follow a series of sequence of images if they are horizontally framed as it gives more scope for the eye to rest into the pictures.

Exercise3.2_series_1Exercise 3.3: Sequence

The link takes you through to the sequence exercise 3.3


There are four sequences in the above link each page is one sequence. In this exercise I used my own images, some taken long ago and some more recently.

The learning aspect for me in the exercise of sequence and series has be to see how a coherence needs to be developed in and set of images that aim to communicate a theme. This is easier said than done in the case of the sequence. However, I learned that the sequence can be suggestive and complementary each photo lending itself in some way way to an expression of the theme. It has been here in this section that I discovered the work of Duane Michals. I have appreciated this find very much as his work touches a cord in my that seems to be to some extent where I want to go with my own photography. It terms of Duanes influences, he was moved by the works various artists that had a more metaphysical inclination.


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