Project 2: Exercise 3.6: Mixing genres

Exercise 3.6 Mixing genres

I explore the combining of genres through the four different combinations of image.In each one of the images I used a similar process of cutting and joining various elements together.

  1. Landscape combined with a wooden statue. These both portray the passing of time but from different cultures.
  2. Portrait. The image taken was that of a man I know who runs a fruit shop. I placed him in the context of oranges which in a way identifies him with his context of work quite strongly.
  3. Still life consisting of a section of beach. In the sand one sees objects that really don’t belong to that particular landscape which is that of a beach. I admit taking poetic licence to this particular image and in some ways it offers more the feel of a photomontage perhaps than the required image. None-the-less the aim was to provide a likeness of object which is that of the stones to the objects such as house fronts and garage doors.
  4. The story or event takes place in a landscape which is the woods. This image has the story a man lost in the woods of his studies. The woods are used in a way to support the action of confusion and study which is difficult.











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