Portraits-more research

Planning for the second assignment has taken a bit more of a priority than the first. This I have found a good discipline as I am used to going with an idea and largely waiting to see if I find the scene or situation that matches that idea without too much pre-planning.

For the portraits assignment I have view a number of photographers of late. I have been taken a closer look at how to organise the picture and thinking a bit more in terms of what the purpose is behind the picture. For now the remit is fairly tight and the course dictates that outcome largely. Never the less some thinking has to be done.

The work of Michael Langford in his ‘basics of photography’0240515927, 9780240515922 Focal Press, 2000.

This book is a sort of technical holy book for photographers that covers all elements of photography in two volumes. I find it at times a little dry by indispensable.  This book has been inspiring in terms of thinking more clearly about composition. What are the elements that need to stand out in the image and how do you make that happen to best effect?

What needs to happen in order to execute the idea?  The reading in this area has led me to see that subjective experience needs to match relate to the meaning of the image. There are two photographers I would like to research here. Firstly the work of Dorothea Lang for her farm work. The second is Knick Night. For these two photographers we have a potent contrast in the way the human form is depicted. I will choose two photos for analysis, one of each.


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