Project 3: Exploring the effects of light

Exercise 2.7: Effects of light

For this exercise we took a series of nine images of the same person but under different light conditions. My light experiments took the form of natural ambient light at different times of the day and also artificial light of different types.

The exercise has been useful for teaching me how to look more critically at light. Also, I feel that from this exercise I see that there are a huge range of possibilities outside even of the use of studio flash lights that can produce varying effects. Each light source give a different sense of the person and a different interpretation when combined with facial expression and posture.

I decided not to use the same stance in every pose but to get the sense of my model in the throes of daily activity and pausing for a moment to be shot, which was more true than just having her prepare and pose for the images.

As a series of images I quite like the effect that it gives seeing this same person but from different angles and points of view.

Exploring effec

The exercise has taught me two quite important things. Firstly, to move away from the typical view of lighting people in a studio setting as the only the way to do it and secondly, to be more observant of tonality of colour and the effect that the time of day can have on the features of the face of a person. People can look so very different depending on time of day and the type of light reaching them.


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