Exercise 2.3: Foreground, mid-ground and background

Exercise 2.3: Foreground…

In this exercise the object has been to see the distinct areas of an image in relation to fore-mid and background aspects. In physically separating the image into three district sections one learns to see how the image is composed in a more objective and concrete way.

These three images were taken from the exercises 2.2 people and activities.

In the first image below I took the background to be the working took cupboard area behind the man and the foreground to be in front of the desk. The mid-point of the image is where the man is working. In some cases the ‘depth’ of the image will be shallow. Can it still be justified to refer to the background as such where there is so little of it and how does it affect the overall image?

Image 1

The image bellow again is a distinction between the different elements of the photo. However, this time the foreground is a little more extensive although the background is about the same.

Image 2    
The exercise has been useful from a point of view of observation of and clarifying what one sees in the frame. I have learnt to look more at the balancing elements in the picture and to see how that complement or obstruct one another. This is sometimes most obvious in portraits when something clearly obstructs the head of the photographed person in such a way that the view has his vision distracted by something that should not intuitively been there in the image it that way.



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