Project 2 : Shadows

The images shot here are to depict shadows. There are five main images that I have shot. The main comment of learning here is that it was not was easy to find good shadows. On the whole I had to shoot what I was seeing on the streets. What I think is interesting about the shadow is that it gives another dimension to the image that reveals an interesting feel. The shadow definitely provides a context for a certain mood to be emphasised and I think personally I am often very drawn to the images that have strong facial shadow or shadowy figures in the background of the scene.

Learning to shoot into the shadow and learning log from this project.

I remember when I first started to study photography before my OCA days, I was doing a course through the Espai de art in Valencia, Spain. One the questions that came up one day in a class session was: Should you shoot to expose for the shadows or the light if there is strong contrast of light in the composition? Shooting into bright light with exposure compensations yields one effect, and into dark another. To measure the light correctly it takes practice in these situations. However, as there seems to be no one way of photographing a shadow as it more depends on the desired effect the photographer wants, I see that it depends very much upon personal taste. The same question would be different I think if you are photographing in strong light conditions with a person in the frame if you are doing a portrait session. Then the skin tones have to be taken into consideration.

The stairs of Serra


The ruins of a factory


sample of shadows-4 images
sample of shadows-4 images
Tree reflection



100 photos
Abandoned house












shadows 2
Tree reflection 2

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