Ideas for projects-rough note/bound in darkness

Staged photo:‘bound in darkness’ Man and women bound in a cage and covered in feathers. They are chained and naked, helpless. The scene is a dark one, somewhat desperate. This image forms part of a series of images designed to show a state of spiritual isolation and the lack of freedom we have until we start to wake up to a higher human purpose. Questions of the purpose of a human life and how it can be wasted in trivial matters that have no real meaning or ultimate purpose beyond the superficial.

The second image would be the two people in the cage unbinding themselves, then the third-the door opening and the two leaving the cage looking somewhat relieved. The door open with an empty cage in the fourth shot and the next, the cage dismantled with more light in the scene.

Second idea for a project: Staged photo. ‘Dying before death’A person standing in the street, the scene needs plenty of people moving. One person holds a skull looking in at the camera. The scene uses fill flash on a semi-dark night. The subject is shot in slow shutter speed. The main subject is frozen and the rest moving. A light from beneath to gently illuminate the subject, instead of a fill flash is a possibility.

Third idea for staged photo: ‘In the scene only the scene’ This is an adopted quote from the buddhist Pali canon whereby a man called Bahia of the bark garment implores the buddha to teach him about the way…on the spot there and then. It is the buddha’s custom to be asked three times before responding. Bahia insists that the buddha teach him there and then and after the third question the buddha turns to him as says ” In the seen only the seen, in the heard only the heard, in the tasted just the tasted, in the felt only the felt, in the cognized only the cognized. Bahia on the spot gets this mysterious and somewhat implicit teaching and wakes up!

The photos for this need to tell a story, a depiction of an ancient scene brought to a contemporary audience to bring alive a moving depiction of something that resonates through buddhist historical literature and today inspires thousands. The message although buddhist is universal.


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