Project 1:100 photos-sample

Here are a sample of the 100 photos shot for the first project. The location was from a flat where I was staying into the street and around the local area.

In this exercise I went from the home I lived in at the time to the street in a sort of unbroken stream to photograph whatever came to my sensory awareness. Mainly what I was conscious of whilst doing the exercise is how I am drawn to particular objects and how composition quickly tries to work itself out. It was a useful exercise from the point of view of getting used to using the camera and eyes and mind all in close and quick succession.

Of the 100 images I shot I have placed a sample below as posting such a big number of images might lead to tiresome viewing. Some of the images that I took I rather like, even though the exercise itself is so far from the way that I normally carry out photographic practice. I tend to be more contemplative and reflective when I take an image.

Probably at this stage it is not so good to be overly identified with one way or mode of doing camera work. I am sure that as the process matures, I’ll find that I develop different styles of working depending on the situation.

Photo information:

Camera: EOS 350D,Focal length: 50mm prime lens,ISO: 100,F/ 2.8,Metering: Centre weighted





























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