Project 1: Activity, depth and distance

Here are various images from two locations related to the people and activities exercise. They were not easy images to do partly because of the time limits of shooting in peoples’ places of work and partly because of lack of light meaning using high ISO in the above image in particular. I wanted to create a darkish atmosphere a sense of being closed in but with light around the people working. I would say that I did not quite achieve what I was aiming for in these two images. Partly due to not getting satisfactory angles on the photos and partly due to light problems. I had no flash light at the time. The above image lacks clarity and is not that well positioned as the character is looking away at the door. Although neither of the photos are uninteresting they convey clearly the activity.

The learning that took place here was more of an experiential process through trial and error. I was taking the images in places of work, pursuing the idea of activity as being the dominant theme and the person as a secondary.


fixing the machine
fixing the machine image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
men and metal
men and metal Image 5

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